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Meet the Library Director!

Please help us in welcoming our new Librarian and Library Director !

Meet the Director Event on Thursday September 16th from 5-6pm!  Come for a Library Tour!

Yvonne Keller-Baker has been named as Library Director of the Schoharie Free Library effective September 13th 2021 (*Officially changed to September 1st 2021).  Mrs. Keller-Baker has been serving as interim library co-director, with Jody Dejong, since July 11, 2021.

Mrs. Keller-Baker has a Master’s degree in library and information science from the University at Albany.  She has worked in education for 20 years, as a teacher and as a librarian in several schools, most recently as high school librarian at Duanesburg Central School.  A resident of Duanesburg, Mrs. Keller-Baker is familiar with the greater Schoharie community, having grown up in Sloansville,  and spent time in the Schoharie Free Library as a child as well as with her own children.

“As one of our interim directors, Yvonne jumped right in with training clerks and has already reorganized the physical layout of the library.  Yvonne is outgoing, pleasant, and has a strong work ethic.  Her expertise with youth and young children willbe beneficial to the patrons of the library.  The board is confident that she will be an asset to the Schoharie Library and the community it serves,” said Pat Clany, President, Schoharie Free Library Board of Trustees.

~From Press Release to Times Journal & Mountain Eagle


Schoharie Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Schoharie Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Wednesday, June 2, 2021 7 p.m.

Present: Officers: Pat Clancy President; Toni Schaeffer Vice President; Bridey Finegan Secretary; Dan Ennist Treasurer. Trustees: Susan Conroy, Jackie Hadam, Amanda Maleszweski, Deb Paden, Vanessa Repicky.

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m.

Upon a motion by Deb Paden, seconded by Sue Conroy, the board unanimously agreed to enter Executive Session at 7:06 p.m. to discuss matters related to the employment history and matters leading to the appointment or employment of particular persons.

Upon a motion by Jackie Hadam, seconded by Bridey Finegan, the board unanimously agreed to exit Executive session at 8:55 p.m.

Upon a motion by Amanda Maleszweski, seconded by Toni Schaeffer, the board voted unanimously to discharge Don La Plant from his position as Schoharie Library Director because the board has lost confidence in him.

Upon a motion by Pat Clancy, seconded by Deb Paden, the board unanimously agreed to increase current staff’s library hours and wages as needed to keep the library open.

Upon a motion by Deb Paden, seconded by Bridey Finegan, the board unanimously agreed to adjourn the meeting at 9 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,
Bridey Finegan
Schoharie Free Library Secretary


Library Director position

Schoharie Free Association Library Director

Position Description

Supervisor: Schoharie Free Association Library Board of Trustees

Hours of Works: 35 hours per week.

Supervision Exercised: The Director supervises all staff, independent contractors and volunteers in the Library

Job Summary: In addition to supervising and undertaking, if necessary, all responsibilities of the assistant and clerk  positions, the Library Director is responsible for developing and supporting all efforts necessary to maintain an association library, and is responsive to the community’s needs for information, education, and recreation. Working closely with the Board of Trustees, the Library Director develops library policies, monitors library services, develops and manages the budget, creates public relations materials, supervises staff, contractors and volunteers, oversees the physical plant, and stays informed of developments in library management.

In addition, the Library Director attends all meetings of the Board of Trustees to insure a consistent flow of communication. The Library Director’s job also includes any other duties that are requested by the Board of Directors or that are essential to ensuring that the Library provides the best possible library service to the community. The Library Director will be evaluated by the Board annually. Continue reading Library Director position


Returned Item Quarantine Ending

On May 1st–based on guidance by the CDC and the Mohawk Valley Library System–the Schoharie Free Library will no longer be quarantining returned library items before checking them in and returning them to the shelves. For patrons, this means TWO important things:

  1. Beginning May 1st, you will be allowed to return items inside the library, though the outdoor drop box will remain open for your convenience.
  2. While the quarantine was in effect, patrons were given additional “fine-free days” beyond the due date to accommodate the quarantine period. Starting May 1st, this grace period will be discontinued. Late fees will begin to accrue the day after an item is due, just like before the pandemic.

Our other COVID safety measures (including mask-wearing and social distancing) will remain in place for the time being, but this is an important and exciting step in our cautious, gradual return to “normal” operations.