Computer Policy

General Statement

  It is the intent of the Schoharie Free Library to provide free and as equitable as possible access to the Internet (World Wide Web) to all patrons of the Library.  To this end, the Board of Trustees of the Schoharie Free Library Association does hereby establish the following policies for patron use of this electronic medium.  These policies may be amended at any time that the Board deems necessary, and as circumstances and experience dictate.

  1. HOMEWORK HAS PRIORITY over every other function.  Patrons who are “surfing for fun” will be asked to wait until the homework user is done.

  2. Patrons are REQUIRED to check in at the Circulation Desk BEFORE using the computers.  This is to allow for equal and fair use of computer time.

  3. Patrons will not be able to install and run programs (executable programs with .exe extensions) from their own media in the computers.

  4. Patrons will be allowed to save their work from word processing and other programs, and from Internet sites to flash drives.

   5. Wireless access is used at the patron’s risk and it is understood that wireless is an unsecured environment.  The Library is not responsible for patron’s equipment and will not troubleshoot connectivity, etc.

revised 10/18/12 CC